<![CDATA[retiredbrains.com - Blog]]>Thu, 10 Jan 2019 16:52:28 -0800EditMySite<![CDATA[Investing Later In Life – Does Diversity Matter?]]>Thu, 10 Jan 2019 23:51:42 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/investing-later-in-life-does-diversity-matterWhen talking about investing, most money managers advise their clients to spread their money around or diversify their investments. Doing this will protect you from losing everything if the market heads south. The way stocks have declined in recent years is proof that putting all of your eggs in one basket can be quite risky.

However, if you want to properly diversify, you need to know what to invest in, how much to invest, and how to diversify even within a single investment category.

Variety Over Quantity

​Having many investments doesn’t mean that you have diversified. You need to have lots of different types of investments. That means that along with investing in zcash mining​ and other cryptocurrencies, you should also have international securities, real estate funds, bonds, stocks, and cash.

Investments that are made in these asset categories each do different things.

The Allocation of Money

How do you determine how much money to sink into each category of investments?

First, you should set aside enough money in income investments and cash to take care of any sort of near-term goals and emergencies.

Next, a rule a lot of money managers stick to says that you should subtract your current age from 100 and put that amount into stocks and the rest of it into bonds. For example, if you are 40 years old, you would put 40% of your money into stocks and the rest into bonds.

After that, if you want to diversify your money with the other groups of investments, 10% - 25% of the stock part of your portfolio should be in international securities. Take 5% of both the stock and bond portfolios and use this money for real estate investments.

Diversifying Within Categories

Once you have diversified into different categories, you need to further diversify within those categories. It isn’t enough to simply purchase one stock. You need to have many different types of stocks. Do your research to determine which ones will be the best investments. This will protect you from being devastated if a single stock takes a dive.

If you don’t happen to be uber-rich, diversification while you are purchasing individual shares can end up costing you a lot. This is due to the trading fees you have to pay when you buy each one. The most cost-efficient way to do this if you have a modest amount of money, is to invest in mutual funds.

Mutual funds are a sort of investment pool that combines the money many people have invested to buy things like international securities, real estate, bonds, and stocks.

Risk vs. Return

​Diversification can protect you from losses that are devastating, but it can also cost you when it comes to returns annually. This is because reward and risk go hand in hand when it comes to the financial market. This means that anything that will reduce your risk will also reduce your return.

The best answer is a combination of these that works for you. If a bit of additional risk won’t keep you awake at night, you might be able to get higher returns. But if you’re more worried about the risk, you might want to stick with safer investments.
<![CDATA[Gift Shopping from Your Home]]>Fri, 04 Jan 2019 20:17:17 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/gift-shopping-from-your-homeDuring the holidays, there is always so much to do that it quickly becomes quite the chore. If you are bed-bound or otherwise unable to leave the house to get Christmas shopping done, the stress of trying to figure out how to celebrate the holidays can be almost overwhelming. Luckily, we live an age where you can do almost anything from the comfort of your home or bed.

​Follow along on a wintery trip through some of the more interesting ways to do some Christmas shopping with limited mobility:

Good Ol' Ham Voucher

Nothing says Christmas dinner like a delicious ham in the center of the table. Unfortunately, it may not always be easy or possible for people to go out and find a nice juicy ham to prepare for their family meal. This is where you can help save the day and give a great holiday gift without ever leaving your chair.

A ham voucher, like Christmas ham gifts by Perfect Feast, is a time-tested way to give the gift of delicious meat to the people you love the most. There is no need to rush out and grab the best one before everyone else. Instead, you just let your friends, family, or someone else choose the perfect meal for their family.

​Fruit or Gift Basket

​The fruit basket is a traditional and appreciated way to show appreciation and offer a warm, heartfelt greeting at Christmastime. The best thing about fruit and gift baskets is there are so many choices available. This makes personalizing your Christmas present for each person on your list easy and fun to do. If you are doing Christmas shopping with limited mobility and have vegan friends and family to shop for, gift baskets are a great way to offer something thoughtful and non-offensive.

Much like the voucher, fruit baskets and other food-related gift baskets can be ordered online or with a call at one time. They are then sent to the recipients without any extra work from you.

​The Internet is Open 24-Hours

​The internet never sleeps. This makes it possible to do your Christmas shopping anytime, day or night. If you have limited mobility or an odd schedule, simply doing some Amazon shopping when you can is always an option. More than just Amazon shopping, the net is full of specialized stores and art-shops that offer one-of-a-kind gift ideas for everyone you know. Online stores like Amazon offer a number of shipping options and offer items that may not be found elsewhere.

Paper and Plastic, Please

​If all else fails, there is always the gifts that everyone loves. There has never been anyone in the history of the world that has ever said, "I wish I didn't get this money for Christmas." While it may lack the personalized touch of gift baskets and online gift shopping, cash, and gift cards are often gladly accepted during the holidays.

With gift cards, you can often find deals going into the holidays with stores offering extra money on your gift card for the same amount. These sales are a great way to get extra bang for your buck during the holidays, but you can also use this time to stock up on future gifts or even money-saving gift cards for yourself throughout the year.

Holiday shopping doesn't have to involve crowds, pain, or discomfort. Instead, stay home and get things done your way in our digital shopping landscape.
<![CDATA[Putting Your Artistic Talent to Work in Retirement]]>Thu, 03 Jan 2019 08:00:00 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/putting-your-artistic-talent-to-work-in-retirement​One of the many perks of retirement is the free time that comes along with it, but if you're easily bored, that same free time can be less of a blessing and more of a curse. For retirees with artistic talent, finding a profitable way to fill that time has never been easier. Websites like Etsy streamline the selling process of crafts and handmade goods, making online selling possible for creators who wouldn't previously have had access to a larger market.
If you're primarily a crafter, setting up shop on Etsy is fairly straightforward. Find a few different items that you can get done quickly, make them in a few different colors or options for samples of what you can do, and post them to Etsy. You can also take commissions on different pieces once you've gotten your samples up, a service you can charge more for based on complexity. An online storefront also allows you to keep a smaller stock of items, as you wouldn't have to fill up space in a physical store. If there are larger or more complex pieces that you would be willing to do on a commission basis, you can also set up sections for those.
​Another option that works for some creators is painting. Many people sell original art on Etsy, but if you're still learning the ropes, or you're not sure what you want to paint, there are companies that turn photographs into gorgeous paintings. As long as you can paint pictures out of photos, that's a viable option for you, and if you prefer coming up with your own art, there's definitely a market for that too.
​An added benefit to this route is that turning photographs into a custom painting can lead to commissions. Those you do painting for through a third-party may be so impressed with your work they insist on hiring you to do another.
If none of this seems to apply to you, consider taking the opportunity to learn a new skill! Have you always been curious about knitting? What about woodworking, weaving, or ceramics? Taking the time and effort to learn something new when you have the free time and effort to can keep your mind sharp and your hands busy. If you know you get bored quickly, or that you've already tried most "standard" crafty things, you can always try out a few things at once instead of focusing in on one. Look into beginner versions crafts you've heard of, or find ones that you've always been envious of the skills it took to do. Underwater basket weaving might not be a real thing but basket weaving definitely is, and if you've always wondered about glassblowing, retirement is a good time to learn.
​When you've spent your whole life working, the first thing on your mind is relaxation and the last thing on it is getting paid to do something you love. A hobby might not be something you've ever considered to be a moneymaker, but people sell original art on Etsy for a reason! Even if it's not a get rich quick kind of thing, selling handcrafted items has gotten popular enough that online stores cater to the needs of smaller producers. Don't let your own self-doubt get in the way of a brand new opportunity for you. If there's something you've wanted to do, go do it. If there's a dream you've had, dream it bigger, then work to fulfill it. If you have the time, the drive, and the artistic talent, why not give it a go? You might learn something new about yourself.
<![CDATA[Important things to keep in mind when saving for retirement]]>Mon, 17 Dec 2018 22:36:26 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/important-things-to-keep-in-mind-when-saving-for-retirement​You may be looking forward to retirement, but retirement isn't generally very enjoyable for those who don't have enough money saved up to live comfortably. If you're struggling to put enough money aside to do everything you want to do during retirement, it's time to get creative.

The following are a few suggestions on securing a little extra for retirement. You might be able to work some of these options into your plan so that you enjoy a secure retirement and don't have to worry so much:

Expect the unexpected

Even if you have a lot of money saved up and think you're going to be secure, surprise expenses can sometimes come up that can wipe out large portions of your savings. Events like car accidents or illnesses cost consumers a great deal and can sometimes quickly convert a consumer's financial savings situation from being ready for retirement to being set back a decade. If an injury threatens to wipe out your savings, a personal injury lawyer like Mike Pines in the San Diego area can be a great help in replenishing your hard earned money. If you’re not in San Diego there are great attorneys nearby.

Properly insuring yourself to protect your finances is one thing you can do to cope with these surprise expenses. Also, investing in good lawyers who can protect you when you're facing a liability issue is important.

​Diversifying your investments

You've probably heard before that you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket. It's good to put your money into diverse account types so that at least a few of your investments end up generating good returns.

Diversify your stock portfolio and try to build up a 401(k) in addition to your pension or IRA if possible. The more fund sources you have to draw from during your retirement, the more comfortable and secure your retirement is likely to be.

Working more or taking on a second job

​Taking on a second job while you're young and energetic can be a great way to quickly boost your retirement savings. It can even permit you to retire early. If there is some side business venture you have the opportunity to get into that could be lucrative, you might not want to let the opportunity pass you by.

Claim your benefits later

It's always best to wait until you qualify as being at full retirement age before you start drawing from your social security.

Full retirement age is considered to be either 66 or 67 depending on what year an individual was born in. When you wait until you've reached full retirement age before collecting, you get 100 percent of the benefit that you're entitled to. However, this number can push even higher if you don't start collecting until you've reached age 70.

You'll be eligible to start collecting your benefits once you turn 62. Those who fall into the temptation and start filing at 62 will pay for it down the road because they're only going to get a reduced amount back for everything they've put into the system through the years. 
If you can continue working until you've reached 66 or 67, you will be able to rely more on social security and less on your own savings during retirement.

The more effort you put into planning things out and anticipating surprise expenses, the less likely you'll be to have your savings wiped out all at once. It's best to save not just enough to cover your retirement, but more than enough so that you can afford some unpleasant surprises along the way.
<![CDATA[Top 4 Fashion Tips for the Working Woman]]>Fri, 14 Dec 2018 06:26:27 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/top-4-fashion-tips-for-the-working-womanWe’ve all been there. The coffee that spilled on the only dress we had clean for work, the run in your last pair of nylons. There are many fashion mistakes and mishaps that working women have to deal with every day. Whether you've been on the job for years or out looking for a new one, fashion for the workplace can be a challenge. Whether you are a corporate manager or grade school teacher, read on below for a few of the top tips out there to help you be comfortable and stylish.

Go Comfortable and Classy

Look online and you will find sites like Perfectly Priscilla, where they know that the busy woman doesn’t always have time to iron, dry clean and wash constantly. That’s why they offer many comfortable and classy clothes for those who are always on the go but want to look their best. As a busy lady, comfortable but classy and easy to take care of is the only way to go.

​Think Underwear

The last thing you want are uncomfortable bras or panties that ride up and are uncomfortable when you’re working or out on the town. When searching for undergarments, do a little research and choose the ones that are no muss, no fuss, and comfortable at the same time. You can even go a little unconventional and look at briefs. They aren't just for men anymore!

The Art of Planning Ahead

One of the easiest ways to ensure you are fashionable and ready to hit the ground running for work is to lay everything you are going to wear to work out the night before. Accessorize, coordinate and have it ready to slip into the next morning. The last thing you need is to find the pair of shoes you picked have a scuff mark or a broken heel right before you walk out the door for work. If you lay everything out the night before, you’ll know for sure that you are ready to go!

Likewise, packing a lunch the night before can get you a few extra minutes for yourself. Hit the snooze button one more time, luxuriate under the warm spray of the shower, or have that second cup of coffee.

​Keep the Makeup Simple

Keeping the cosmetics simple is another way to look fashionable without a lot of rigmarole to go with it. Keep it simple with powder, a little blush, mascara, and some lip gloss, to ensure you are ready to go in no time at all, but still look like a million bucks. Being a working woman isn’t always easy but keeping the makeup simple will help and make you feel good about yourself at the same time.

These are just a few tips to help you be fashionable and comfortable at work. Following these suggestions will have you dressed for success and out the door feeling great in no time at all.
<![CDATA[Preparing for a First-Time Trip to California Wine Country]]>Wed, 12 Dec 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/preparing-for-a-first-time-trip-to-california-wine-countryOne of the more popular items on many retirement to-do lists is to take a trip to wine country. If this is a goal of yours, and if you live in the United States or plan on visiting in the near future, it’s safe to say California is where you’re headed. After all, the Golden State produces 90% of the wine made in the U.S., meaning there is no shortage of visitor-friendly vineyards to choose from.

Here are some basic tips for those preparing for a first-time trip to California wine country:

​Go Beyond Napa and Sonoma

California Wine Country specifically refers to a relatively small region near San Francisco, but winemaking is a tradition which stretches across the entire state. With this in mind, consider heading down to the Central Coast and Southern California in search of lesser-known vineyards hundreds of miles away from the fabled valleys of the north. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the gems you uncover by going on one or two San Diego wine tours available to visitors of America’s Finest City. The same can be said for those in Orange County.

Drink Responsibly

It’s considered in poor taste to become intoxicated by trying wines on a wine tour. With that said, the chances of visiting one of the greatest winemaking regions of the world and leaving without having too much to drink at some point sound pretty low. Play it safe by coming prepared. Have the two major rideshare apps - Uber and Lyft - ready to use on your phone as well as the phones of anyone you’re traveling with. Pack a hangover prevention pill bottle to keep from spending a day of your trip sick in bed. It’s also important to remember to drink plenty of water whenever possible to stay properly hydrated.

Explore Other Things

California is a very big place. Not only does roughly 10 percent of the American population reside there, but the Golden State would rank as having the fifth largest economy in the world if counted as its own country independent from the U.S. Throw in the fact that California is also home to so many national treasures including the Redwood forests, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Hollywood, Disneyland, the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, and Yosemite National Park, it’s a no-brainer that California has a lot more to offer older vacationers than its impressive array of vineyards. In other words, it’s highly recommended for California wine tourists to take advantage of being relatively so close to so many wonderful things.

Do Your Research

A series of historically destructive wildfires have swept through several parts of California in recent weeks as well as over the last several years. While the sheer size of the state means there will always be vineyards left, each fire tends to claim many great wineries before it's put out. Given this unfortunate reality, it’s a good idea to do your research on specific regions prior to planning your trip. It’s also a good idea to have a basic plan in mind in the event you’re caught in the middle of developing fire during your visit.

Many people yearn to visit the wine regions of California at some point in their lives, with most waiting until they’re in retirement to make the trip. If this is your situation, it’s important to properly prepare for your first visit, in order to be as safe as possible as well as have a great time.
<![CDATA[How to Find a Good Chiropractor]]>Tue, 11 Dec 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/how-to-find-a-good-chiropractor
​Everyday, millions of Americans suffer from back pain and other spinal conditions. These conditions prevent people from leading normal, active, and productive lives. It’s against this backdrop that people are beginning to realize the importance of treating back health.

There are numerous methods that can help you deal with a serious back condition. There’s, of course, spinal surgery and there are also treatments that involve prescription medicine. But a chiropractor should also be considered when you feel like you’re active all the time or  you’re prone to experiencing high levels of stress.

Chiropractors are people who specialize in treating back conditions through spinal adjustments. They help you treat the symptoms that are common in people who suffer from frequent back pain.

When it comes to finding a professional to help you out, though, you will need to find the right chiropractor. After all, you wouldn’t want to risk getting one that will make your back condition worse. Not sure how to find a good one? Here are a few tips you may want to consider.

1. Consider proximity

​For sure, there’s a community chiropractor just a few blocks away from where you live.  Come to think of it, there are chiropractic clinics everywhere in the United States. Want to find a local NYC chiropractor? You can bet your bottom dollar that there’s one just around the corner. It’s only a matter of doing a quick online search or browsing the local directories for names and numbers you can contact for your chiropractic needs. Once you have a good list of possible clinics nearest to your location, you will then have to select the best one.

2. Focus on the specialty

​Chiropractors, just like any health specialist, have areas that they are good at. For instance, if you want to know if you have any underlying conditions aside from a painful back, a therapeutic chiropractor is the best choice for you. On the other hand, there are chiropractors that provide straightforward services in treating various spinal conditions such as vertebral subluxations, which are known to affect motor-neuron functions in older people. By knowing your specific needs, it will be easier for you to find a chiropractor who can make sure you get the best possible results.

3. Read reviews

​Don’t just rely on the fancy taglines that chiropractic clinics provide. Instead, you can go online to look for positive reviews about a clinic. The best thing about tools such as social media is that it’s easier to know if a service is worth it without trying it out for yourself. Reviews can help you weigh your decisions properly and determine a clinic’s quality. But other than online reviews, you can also get information from people you know who have been clients to the clinic of your choice.

4. Look for credentials

​Finally, the best pieces of evidence to help you vouch for a clinic’s legitimacy are the certifications and licenses that they are able to provide. After all, it’s part of federal law for chiropractic professionals to have a documented license of their practice. But what if these are fake? Well, you can investigate further by running a simple search with the right authorities such as the American Chiropractic Association.
<![CDATA[Unique Retirement Gifts]]>Wed, 05 Dec 2018 02:07:39 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/unique-retirement-giftsAfter decades of working, you're finally able to hang up your work boots and take the hard-earned time off you deserve. Now is the ideal time to pamper yourself and buy those large-ticket items that you've had your eye on.

If you're not retiring, but a loved one is, finding the perfect gift can be challenging. You don't want to buy something that they won't or can't use, but you still want to be thoughtful. Fortunately, there are a few unique items that are sure to satisfy.

Home Remodeling

One of the best gifts you can give to yourself when you retire is the gift of a home remodel. Perhaps you're getting older and not as mobile as you used to be, or maybe you now have the time and money to make the changes you've desired throughout the years. Consider what you're looking for such as an updated kitchen or maybe even in the addition of a beneficial infrared sauna to help promote your physical health and wellness.

Because there are many people out there who prey on seniors, make sure you thoroughly do your research before you hire a professional to come in and start working. Have a lawyer look over any contracts before you sign anything and always have a contract before you hand over any money for legal recourse should you need it, which hopefully you won't.

​Trip to Paradise

What's better than traveling when you have no time restraints and no job to get to? Absolutely nothing! Retirement is the perfect time to visit the places on your bucket list such as Maui, if you want to stay in the United States, or London, for example, if you're looking to travel abroad.

If you're gifting a trip, make sure it's somewhere your parents or grandparents want to go. Try not to book a trip that comes with a rigid itinerary as that takes out the spontaneity and freedom for the recipient to explore on their own. It's okay to include a few gift cards for a popular restaurant or destination attraction, but leave the daily scheduling up to them. Another great thing to include with the tickets is a travel journal, so they can record all of their destinations and experiences.

A New Wardrobe

Now, this definitely may seem like stepping outside the box, but chances are the retiree has been limited to a specific wardrobe for work purposes. A new wardrobe is one way to celebrate retirement. Donate the career wear to local charities and build up your new arsenal that shows off the new you. Whether it's polo shirts and khakis for the golf courses or one of those colorful plus-size dresses for women that's perfect for afternoon tea, the point is to have fun and let loose and stop letting people dictate your dress code.

Retiring is fun, but with it comes a lot of free time and this is where thoughtful gifts really make the difference. Step outside of the box and really make it count whether you're buying it for yourself or your loved one.
<![CDATA[Great Gifts for Him & Her: Married Kids Edition]]>Sun, 02 Dec 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/great-gifts-for-him-her-married-kids-edition​With the holidays just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about gift ideas for everyone on your list. Although some people are a breeze to shop for, other loved ones on your list may require more thought. As many older parents know, shopping for your children when they were younger was a lot easier than finding gifts now that they are adults.

If your grown-up son or daughter happens to be married, one easy way to tackle that problem is to focus on the shared interests of your married children and build their gifts around a theme. For example, if your son and his wife have shown an affinity for collecting antiques, a good idea would be to buy them matching antique porcelain collectibles. If the gift idea goes over well, this could be something that you make into a tradition and carry through for many holidays to come.

If your daughter and her husband are outdoor enthusiasts, you can focus on gifts that they will find both practical and entertaining. This is also an easy way to work in a theme of matching gifts for your married children. For example, if they love being on the water, you could do a his-and-her gift set of brand-new paddle board paddles for him and a premium beach umbrella for her. Although they will both get their own individual gift to enjoy on their own time, they can also use the gifts together as a couple.

Even a mini vacation to an outdoor destination will delight those family members who truly love connecting with Mother Nature. The possibilities are endless if you think outside of the box and focus on the things that bring the people on your list the most joy in life.

For those pop culture fans in your life, a good his-and-her gift idea would be a movie night gift box. This is easy to put together and will bring the entire family enjoyment long after the holidays are over. You can appeal to both of their tastes by choosing one chick flick and one more masculine film. Finish off the gift basket with specialty popcorn and candy and you will have a gift that they both will love.

Food is also a good pick for his-and-her themed gifts. The key is to pick a culinary theme that appeals to both people. For example, if they both love Italian cuisine, then you can stock a gift basket with different types of pasta, gourmet sauces, a few bottles of wine, and all of the fixings. Top it all off with a cookbook detailing a variety of Italian recipes to get the budding chefs started. Not only is this a practical gift, but it will also bring the couple enjoyment as they prepare the food and spend quality time in the kitchen together.

With a little creativity and careful examination of the interests of your loved ones, you can be sure that all of your gifts will be a hit this holiday season. It will be obvious to the recipient that you put a lot of thought and love into choosing the best gifts for all of their shared interests.]]>
<![CDATA[4 Ways You Can Make More Money in Retirement]]>Fri, 30 Nov 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/4-ways-you-can-make-more-money-in-retirementMany people dream of a living a life of leisure when they retire. However, you may come to find that the laidback life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Many retirees could use some supplemental income in order to live the life they’ve become accustomed to, while others simply miss the mental stimulation their work provided.

No matter the reason, it’s good to know there are plenty of opportunities to stay busy and earn some extra cash in your golden years. Take a look at these four ways you can make more money in retirement.

​Become an Influencer

By retirement age, you’ve learned a lot. It’s likely you’ve accumulated a number of interests and gained some savvy life-experience. A fun way to put all that to work in a creative way all from the comfort of your own home is to become an online influencer. Yes, you truly can make a decent income through such pursuits.

First, you should understand that it will probably take some time to build your brand. You can set up a blog and write posts about your passions or industry. Another option is to create a social media presence. Instagram tends to be the best and most lucrative site for being seen, though you can branch out to other sites as you grow.

Pick a niche you really love, one that will sustain your attention as you grow. Narrowing down your niche as much as possible is advisable over choosing something vague. You want to stand out from the crowd and gain an audience that truly is interested in what you have to offer.

Speaking of audience, you need one. You can start building your followers with tools such as an Instagram bot, which can help you gain relevant followers more quickly. However, keep in mind that genuine, regular engagement is necessary in order to become successful. Read Annika Bansal’s SocialCaptain review and see what the Instagram growth tool can do for you.

You want to show off your personality and your unique perspective. Think of this gig as building relationships. Essentially, that’s what it is. Stay on top of your industry or niche so you always have the most current information to share. You’ll also need to gain some creative skills in basic design, photography, and marketing. This can be a fun, prosperous outlet for an outgoing individual with lots to share.

Rent Out Your Property

By retirement age, many folks may have accumulated additional properties such as a home or condo. This may occur through savvy real estate investing or inheriting a family home. If you should find yourself with an extra abode, consider becoming a landlord.

Having a steady rental income can provide added security in a turbulent economy. While there are some risks involved, such as getting a bad tenant, you do hold much of the decision-making and control in your own hands. This can provide peace of mind.

Another option is to rent out your home on an occasional basis while you’re away. Using a vacation rental site like Airbnb is a fine way to connect with people who would be interested in staying in your home for a bit. If you live in a metropolitan area or tourist destination, your rental will be even more appealing.

Allowing others to stay in your home while you’re not using it can allow you to travel, while still earning an income. This money can supplement your existing income and might even take care of your entire mortgage if you’re still paying on one.

There are other out-of-the box options to consider if you own property. You may wish to rent just one room of your home. Did you also know you could rent your driveway, garage or storage space? It’s true! There are online services to match you with people in need of these things.

Try Temp Work

Retirees who miss the social aspects and challenges of work life may wish to consider temping. Check out the temp agencies in your area to discover what types of opportunities are in demand. These types of work experiences are great because of the flexibility they offer.

You get to choose the type of available work that fits your interests, skill set and schedule. You could do temp work for the holidays or other seasonal jobs. You may wish to take on short-term gigs or simply fill in for regular employees who are out sick or on vacation.

Temp work lets you enjoy life on your terms while still earning some extra income. In addition, you get to engage in the types of work that you find satisfying. You might choose to work in an office performing tasks such as typing, filing and answering phones. Data entry jobs are also common, if you’re a fast typist. Warehouse work is great for those who wish to remain physically active. There are even jobs for people with certain expertise such as accounting or medical transcription.

Share Your Expertise

​When you retire, there are so many ways you can continue to use your mind in satisfying and lucrative ways. Sit down and make a list of your particular skills and know-how. These could be knowledge from your previous work life, life skills you’ve picked up along the way or hobbies at which you excel. Jot down whatever comes to mind. You can narrow it down later.

Focus on the items that stand out to you, the ones that provide the most appeal. Doing what you love in retirement is something many strive for. In addition, consider the practical aspects of each thing and how you might leverage that talent.

Some people decide to become a consultant after retirement. This allows them to use their business know-how to guide others, while earning a decent income and being in charge of the types of work they take on. This might be a good fit if you have project management, business development, management strategy or recruitment experience.

Other considerations are to share what you know by becoming a teacher, instructor or tutor. You could check with the local community college, university, senior center or other local agency to see what might be a good fit for your expertise.

Teaching an adult education course could be fulfilling. Tutoring in a particular subject area is something that could be a bit more flexible, as there are opportunities to do this online. There truly are countless ways to share your knowledge and make money in the process.

These are just a handful of ways you can make more money in retirement. The possibilities are endless. You don’t have to stop working and growing. Enjoy!
<![CDATA[Important Things to Remember About Owning a Dog in Retirement]]>Fri, 30 Nov 2018 00:38:55 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/important-things-to-remember-about-owning-a-dog-in-retirement​For many older adults, their mental and physical health can become endangered through a lack of socialization. This is an issue being addressed by many healthcare providers by suggesting that retirees adopt pets. Taking in a pet is beneficial to elderly adults for many reasons and even the responsibilities of caring for the pet can protect cognitive and physical health. By looking at the relationship between a dog and an elder owner, it's easy to see how the arrangement becomes mutually beneficial.

Dogs Help Keep Seniors Healthier

Reduce Feelings of Loneliness

One of the most obvious benefits of dog ownership for an older adult is the companionship the pet provides. Loneliness is especially problematic for older adults, who may not have very many friends, but owning a dog in retirement can solve that problem. Depending on the dog's size and behavior, they can often accompany their senior owners to run errands or on trips around town.

Getting Enough Exercise

Dogs need exercise just like human beings and they will get it one way or the other. For older adults, exercise is equally important. Research has shown that active senior adults remain physically and mentally healthy for longer, so daily walks with a dog are helpful in keeping the elder from falling into an unhealthy and sedentary way of life.

Relieving Stress

​The mere presence of a dog is effective in relieving stress, which is another health danger that older adults face. Studies have found that petting a dog helps reduce stress hormones in the body and help people feel more relaxed. Seniors who experience trouble sleeping also sleep better, when they have a dog by their side.

​Dogs Need Emotional Support Too

​Separation Anxiety Can Be a Problem

​Many experienced dog owners know that preventing separation anxiety is important because the disorder can result in destructive behavior. Most will wonder, “What can I give my dog for anxiety?” The solutions range from calming CBD oil to sleep-inducing antihistamines, with a number of prescription options in between.

While treatment options are important, preventative techniques are also worth trying. When seniors first adopt a pet, it's important to ignore him when he follows you around the home. People should also refrain from making their departures obvious, so the pet won't get nervous or excited. Finally, the dog should be prevented from following the owner to the door, when he or she leaves. Place the dog in a crate and give him a bone or something enjoyable, so he doesn't notice that he has been left alone.

Older Dogs Need More Care

​In many cases, seniors choose to adopt older dogs. This can often be a good situation for both because younger families rarely want older dogs and older people like the idea of adopting a pet that has already been trained. However, the elder person should be aware that senior dogs do require special attention. Caring for an older dog requires paying more attention to the pet.

As dogs age, they suffer joint pain and stiffness, often developing arthritis. Sound familiar? This means comfortable bedding should be provided at floor level since they will be less likely to jump up on beds and sofas. Their bedding should be placed in a warm area, near a space heater or an HVAC vent. This can help the dog remain comfortable and help him sleep better.

Additionally, seniors should know to schedule frequent vet visits for the dog. Visiting a vet at least twice a year will help identify health problems early. Dogs can develop heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other degenerative conditions just like people. Early diagnosis and treatment can help alleviate conditions more efficiently, sparing the dog from additional pain or discomfort.

Older adults enjoy great benefits of dog ownership in retirement. Often, a dog provides the companionship and relaxation senior adults need to stay healthy. While caring for a pet is a big responsibility, even that can give the elder something to focus on to help maintain strong cognitive functioning. A dog adoption benefits both the person and the dog.
<![CDATA[The Importance of Fitness in Retirement]]>Wed, 28 Nov 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/the-importance-of-fitness-in-retirement​We all age, and as we get older, the importance of a healthy lifestyle grows. One of the vital components to our overall health and wellness is physical activity on a regular basis. Regular exercise can keep us independent, assist in the management of various medical issues, and improve our energy levels.

Trainers at this Albuquerque gym are big believers when it comes to the impact that exercise has in helping seniors remain vibrant and engaged. They make this easier for seniors to exercise using pools for low-weight bearing, low impact workouts. Age should not deter you from joining a gym. Instead, as you age, look for gyms that have programs low-impact classes or trainers who can help you adjust exercises to fit your needs.

​Losing weight together

If you’re trying to lose weight with your partner you may notice that men tend to lose weight faster than women. Regardless of who is losing weight faster, don’t let it discourage you. Instead of comparing your progress, motivate each other as everyone has their off days. 

In addition to losing weight, important to keep in mind that men and women have different dietary needs. As we age we also have to adjust our diets as our metabolism slows down. That being said, you should always consult your physician before you begin any new diet or exercise program.

Exercise & Aging

There was a recent study that showed that when it comes to living a long life, exercise is actually a top contributor. In all actuality, it can assist with expanding our lifespan even when we don’t begin working out until after we retire.

Exercise has more to do with quality of life than it does with quantity though. Regular physical activity can provide a wealth of benefits for your health. These include things like:
  • Improvement with conditions such as osteoporosis, obesity, colon cancer, and diabetes,
  • Improvement in cardiovascular function, including a lower risk of heart disease and high blood pressure,
  • An improved immune function along with an increase in the ability to fight infections and illness,
  • Better digestive health,
  • And improvements with balance which leads to a reduction in incidents of falling.
Experts do agree that activity is one of the critical things that seniors are able to do when it comes to boosting their health.


​There are some seniors who might hesitate when it comes to exercise because they might fear that the activity could harm them or they have an injury that prevents them. This is why it’s important to work with your doctor and a certified personal trainer. The trainer and help you adjust routines to fit any existing injuries and prevent new ones. It’s important to keep in mind that a sedentary lifestyle that doesn’t give you any sort of exercise can lead to a number of health issues.

Time Well Spent

​After you retire, you may find that you have a lot of free time, and some of that should be spent focusing on your health and wellness. Whether that means learning to cook healthier meals and increasing your exercise routine, use the time to improve your health.
<![CDATA[Moving to San Diego]]>Tue, 27 Nov 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/moving-to-san-diegoWhile San Diego is a popular city that draws many tourists in each year, it also makes a wonderful place to live thanks to its mild climate and the abundance of attractions nearby. Perhaps you visited and fell in love with the city, or you have lived nearby your entire life and decided that's where you want to be. Before you make the move to San Diego, there are a few considerations to keep in mind so that you can make the adjustment as smooth and efficient as possible.

​Beautiful Scenery

One of the things that residents of San Diego bask in on a regular basis is the beautiful scenery that surrounds the city. You can opt to live near the coast and enjoy the salty air and proximity to the beach, or you can live a little further inland where you'll have access to the forests and hiking trails if you prefer being immersed in nature. Just a short drive away is Mount Soledad, where you can go to watch the incredible sunset that all the locals rave about. The beauty of San Diego is that you can live in one setting, but still remain within a short drive to others, giving you the best of all worlds.

Finding the Right Home

One of the most important considerations, after deciding exactly where you want to live, is what type of home you're looking for. You can choose from the convenience of an apartment or condo, or opt to live in a single-family home where you can make the types of home improvements that suit you and your family. You can renovate bedrooms, or even add a French door refrigerator to your kitchen rather than settle for what's already in the dwelling. Additionally, consider what falls within your budget. Because while many homes in San Diego run on the expensive side, like many areas of California, you can find homes that suit most budgets if you know where to look. Hire a Realtor if you're not familiar with the area, or talk to family and friends who may live in the area for those hidden gem neighborhoods that aren't necessarily well-known to non-locals.

​Convenience Factor

​While there are different types of landscapes, there are also areas that are a little more isolated than others. Decide whether you want the peace and quiet or whether you want to live a little closer to the modern conveniences such as grocery and department stores, banks and local attractions. There are certainly perks to each. For example, living a bit inland and away from conveniences means less traffic, which can be ideal if you like to drive around. Being in the midst of conveniences means that you're never far away from a restaurant or store, which is good if you like to go out and explore. 

Moving to a new area is always exciting. Just keep a few considerations in mind when you're making the move to ensure that it's just what you want in terms of home size, budget and location.
<![CDATA[Why It's Important to Keep Moving After Retirement]]>Mon, 26 Nov 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/why-its-important-to-keep-moving-after-retirementYou've looked forward to retirement for quite some time, now that it's finally here, you can't wait to sit back and relax. While it's okay to take the time to decompress, you really shouldn't ever fully stop. Staying active is the best thing you can do for your physical and mental health. When you stop moving or slow down, it's likely that boredom and health issues will set in.

​Boredom Leads to Bad Habits

When you're consistently bored, it's easy to fall into destructive habits. One of the main things that is cause for concern is opioid or alcohol abuse. It's very easy to have drugs or liquor take up your free time simply because you like the way it makes you feel. Before long, you discover that you can no longer quit or go a day without using. If this happens, it's not too late to get help. Consider visiting facilities such as rehabs in Colorado to get the medical assistance you need to break these habits. There's no shame in seeking help for recovery, so if you feel that you're slipping down a slope, seek out assistance.

Staying Active Promotes Health

One of the worst things you can do, especially after retiring, is stop moving. It's important to stay active, whether you're a fitness buff or someone who enjoys a daily walk around the block. Staying active keeps your blood flowing and your muscles healthy so they don't atrophy or lose mass. It also staves off weight gain and can help prevent obesity. There are a number of things you can do to stay active such as hiking, riding your bike and even volunteering at a local pet shelter or hospital. If you do not leave your home much, especially if it's due to health issues, it's a good idea to invest in a remote health monitoring service so that you can get help if you need it.

Socializing Helps Boost Morale

The great thing about retirement is that it frees up your time, which affords you the luxury to do the things you always wanted to but couldn't fit in your schedule. If you don't know where to look for social activities, start by seeking out local senior centers. Community centers usually advertise weekly or monthly events, and you can always join specific groups on Facebook that are aimed at seniors in your area. Of course, you can always get together with friends and neighbors in your community to create your own events. Consider socializing over tea or forming a craft/hobby club with those who have similar interests.

While retirement is the time to relax, it's also important that you continue to live your life as if you never retired. This will keep you active and help maintain your health. Those who keep moving and stay active tend to fare better than those who choose to stay home and veg in front of the television. Plus, now that you no longer have to work, it's time to enjoy yourself.
<![CDATA[Documenting Your Family History Before It’s Too Late]]>Sun, 25 Nov 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/documenting-your-family-history-before-its-too-late
Collecting the memories of your living relatives and uncovering the history of those long gone can be a rather time-sensitive task, but the end results are well worth the effort. More importantly, you don't have all of the time in the world to do so; your older relatives won't live forever. You won't live forever, either. What’s more, the chances of accessing information which has yet to be digitally archived decreases with every year. That's why it's up to you to take action at the appropriate time, and that time is now.

Recording family history is only something you easily can do while your older family members are still alive. If they sadly pass away, you no longer have to access to conversations with them that can be so telling, evocative and meaningful. Reading history books just isn't the same. It won't give you a glimpse into your own personal background, either. If you carefully read historical texts, you may get insight that delves into the politics of decades and decades ago. You may learn a lot about social practices and trends that were commonplace at the time, too. You won't learn much about the valued members who helped bring you into the world, though.

The life stories of older loved ones can be endlessly fascinating. It can be riveting to hear about things that took place during a major war or economic depression. Older family members can talk to you about food rations, bombings, major catastrophes and the like, and how they and those they knew managed to pull through. They can tell you about how those things influenced society from their perspective, and impacted their own lives specifically. What’s more, the life stories of older loved ones have a way of motivating us to do better, to embrace our passions and achieve great things in order to make our ancestors proud.

Rounding up information about your family members no longer has to be a demanding task at all. Contemporary advancements in technology have actually made it a piece of cake. For example, thanks to smartphones and the internet, you can easily record a conversation with your older relative and use online transcription services to have the discussion converted into a word document.

In fact, you don't even have to live close to your older family members in order to speak with them face-to-face. If you want to conduct an "in person" interview with your great-uncle who fought in the Battle of the Bulge, you can do so by setting up a video conferencing session on the internet. If your great-uncle is unable to navigate the online world on his own, he can get assistance from a relative or family member who lives close to him, too.

There are many older individuals who are now able to easily access the internet as well. It's not at all unusual to come across people online who are in their late-70s and 80. There are often individuals who are even older than that. Email and chat sessions can help you get your hands on your family members' intriguing and precious tales. These means of communication also help to maintain strong relationships with older relatives.

Technology greatly simplifies the process of documenting family history in clear detail. It makes the process of safeguarding this information just as simple. You can store text files that go into your family members' in-depth tales and anecdotes. You can even save images. If you visit your 90-year-old grandmother and come across a treasure trove of old and faded images hidden away in her attic or basement, you can scan the images to safeguard for the future. You can snap images of them using your mobile device as well. Images can help illustrate the stories your family members have to share. They can make their tales come to life with a lot more clarity.

The bottom line: if you want to help preserve your heritage, you need to reach out to your elderly family members as soon as possible.
<![CDATA[Top 3 Ways to Date as a Retiree Revealed]]>Sat, 24 Nov 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/top-3-ways-to-date-as-a-retiree-revealedFor most of us, it’s no secret that love and happiness are directly related to your health. While the way you love in your twenties may not be the way you love in your sixties, intimacy and relationships are extremely important no matter how old you are. It is said that relationships and staying active can help retirees adjust to their new lives and keep them happy and healthy. Dating as a retiree, however, is of course, different than dating as a younger person. With that in mind, read on below for a few of the top ways to find a date as a retiree.

The Internet

Being a retiree today, doesn’t mean that you sit in front of the TV all day long, putter around the house and yard, and go fishing alone once a week. However, the modern world and technology have changed quite a bit since more seniors were hot for the dating scene. Today, you no longer have to depend on friends and family to meet someone and you certainly don’t have to frequent the clubs and bars in your area. Instead, you can easily find someone on dating sites and apps devoted to dating. There are quite a few popular, and safe dating sites for seniors who are retired and over 65 years of age. Check them out to see if you can get out into the dating scene once again.

Visit Your Local Community Center

​While dating in your sixties is a little different than dating in your teens, the butterflies, excitement and even the risk of losing your heart remain the same. If you are a retiree that still avoids all things internet, there are still other ways you can find love and companionship in today’s modern world. Check out your local community centers for senior nights. These centers offer activities, meet and greets, and even dinners for seniors in the area, so they can meet other people, and even possibly find late life love.

Senior Living Communities

Whether it’s assisted living, retirement living, or independent living, senior living communities have been responsible for many retirees finding love. Living close to one another and sharing meals and many activities together has led too many older couples finding love once again, or even for the first time. Joining a senior living community isn’t the same as moving into a nursing home in the modern world. It’s, instead, a chance to meet your peers and enjoy an active, happy retirement. According to the experts at Mission Harbor, a mental health facility in Santa Barbara, the number of retirees that are addicted to drugs or alcohol is staggering. Living in a senior living community, where you can be around your peers makes it less likely that you will fall into addiction.
<![CDATA[The Pitfalls of Retirement and How to Handle Them]]>Fri, 23 Nov 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/the-pitfalls-of-retirement-and-how-to-handle-themMillions of people retire and soon realize that it's more of a burden than a luxury. They may realize that they don't have enough money to live comfortably or they come down with an illness all of a sudden. Others are healthy and financially stable but find themselves bored after hanging up their work boots.


Boredom is a major obstacle to happiness and good mental health. It occurs when you run out of options to make the days productive and meaningful. Upon retirement, you may think that there is too much free time. Staying inside and watching television or playing on the internet soon becomes the way of life.


Boredom may lead you to participate in certain compulsive behaviors. These are activities that you repeat constantly, sometimes for hours at a time, as a way to eliminate the boredom. Also known as an addiction, it's a common problem that you must recognize, confront and resolve before it worsens. If you're on medications, drug addiction may be a concern. If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, a place like Beach House, an addiction treatment in Florida that residents recommend, can help.

Of course, there are other types of addiction. Food addiction affects people of all ages. For seniors, the consequences are far more severe. Their health is already failing and will only worsen when more sugar and fats enter their bodies.

There are also video and Internet addictions. These behaviors cause retirees to become more introverted, avoid social interactions and lack building meaningful experiences in the outside world.


One of the biggest retirement pitfalls is money. There may be too little of it when retirees stop working and bringing in a steady income. Sometimes, there is enough money, but it's being mismanaged or spent incorrectly either by the retiree or someone they know. Coming up with a plan years in advance is the traditional means for retirement but creating lasting income opportunities and not just living off savings is key, especially if you outlive your our plan! 

The solution to this is to take more personal control over their finances. It's common for seniors to have too many people handling their money, such as a lawyer or relative, and misusing it as a result. Deciding what expenses are important like investments in your health or prioritizing home improvements like hot water heater repairs, while removing frivolous expenses like faster internet or an expensive cell phone plan can free up hundreds if not thousands of dollars.


​Many people retire because of failing health that only worsens during their retirement. There are some problems that they cannot fix all on their own. They can still work to be as fit and healthy as possible. All retirees, regardless of health status, should take the time to exercise even if it means walking for a few minutes each day or taking up activities that keep them moving.


Retirement opens up more time to travel, especially indulging in overseas travel now that there are no time constraints. With frequent traveling, though, comes its own host of problems. The biggest problem is overspending on gifts, hotel rooms and other items.

On the other hand, some seniors complain about not being able to travel extensively. Instead of traveling alone, they should consider traveling with friends or family members who can accompany and assist them during the trip.

Retirement at any age carries a wide range of pitfalls. There are ways to overcome each and every one with just a bit of care and attention to the root of the issue.
<![CDATA[Secrets of a Great Retirement: Let Pets Enhance Your Life]]>Thu, 22 Nov 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/secrets-of-a-great-retirement-let-pets-enhance-your-lifeFor people of all ages, pet ownership is an essential part of a gratifying lifestyle. The joy of a furry friend can provide many wonderful benefits, including daily companionship, stress reduction, and a loving bond. For senior citizens, owning a pet in retirement may present a few challenges, but the benefits of this beautiful relationship will easily outweigh most obstacles.

​The Challenges of Aging: Choose the Right Pet

Aging can often be complicated by painful knees, sore backs, and reduced stamina. Caring for a pet while coping with one’s own health concerns might seem like a difficult commitment. Lifting a heavy dog may not be possible during your retirement years, and long walks with a large, energetic dog might require more activity than is practical for your health. Animal lovers who feel unable to properly care for a pet can always choose to give to foundations that help animals for peace of mind. If opting to own a pet despite some physical impairments, choosing pets that match your lifestyle and activity limitations is essential. For example, small-breed dogs are easy to lift, and they are typically satisfied with short walks and limited activity; cats require little more than a warm lap and a window perch to watch the world go by.

Staying Social: Out and About

Pets can also help you form bonds with other pet owners in your neighborhood. For example, sharing tips for cat-safe plants or favorite toys is a great way to meet your pet-loving neighbors. Daily dog park adventures give you the opportunity to expand your circle of friends and stay active in your community. As a pet lover, you might even enjoy an opportunity to volunteer at your local animal shelter, which can be a meaningful and enjoyable way to transition out of the workplace without losing the benefit of frequent social connections.

The Cost and Convenience of Veterinary Care

​Another example of the challenges of pet ownership during retirement is the cost of veterinary care for dogs and cats. When living on a fixed income, a medical emergency for your pet can quickly drain your bank account. Pet health insurance is a simple solution for your concerns about the cost of owning a pet, and you will enjoy peace of mind about paying for your pet’s future medical needs. To make your pet’s veterinary care as easy as possible, consider the convenience of working with an in-home or traveling veterinarian for all of your pet’s medical care.

A Great Bond to Enhance Your Health

​Older folks can often lose relationships when friends move, pass away, or their ability to be social declines. This can often lead down a slippery slope into becoming and introvert, abusing alcohol, or experimenting with drug use to pass the time. Generally when seniors need a drug detox center it’s due to loneliness and inactivity. However, when you enjoy the company of a pet who is a good match for your lifestyle, you can focus on the mutual benefits of the human-pet partnership. The bond you have with your pet can prevent loneliness, and the other health benefits of owning a pet include lower blood pressure, reduced pain, and less stress. The tasks involved with caring for a pet can also improve mobility and help aging seniors remain independent. Above all else, the joy of watching a pet play with a toy or enthusiastically greet you when you arrive home is a priceless gift that only a furry friend can provide.
Although you should carefully consider the potential challenges of owning a pet in retirement, the benefits you will experience can improve your health and wellness. When you find the right pet for your lifestyle, don’t hesitate to start a loving relationship with a new furry friend.
<![CDATA[Spare Time and Retirement]]>Wed, 21 Nov 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/spare-time-and-retirementAfter you retire, and the few weeks of jubilation, parties, and commotions come to a close, you are suddenly faced with a lot of extra time. This period of time is vital when it comes to playing out the course of your life. You want the remainder of your time to be spent in a healthy-living fashion. You want to go out and see the world, taking time to do the things you could have never fit into your previous schedule. Your outlook becomes geared towards experience over possessing goods. All of these ideals are highly sought after when we retire and below are a few options to get you prepared for utilizing this additional time to your advantage.

​Unwanted Things

Maybe, you will begin to fill your time with things that are unhealthy.  This could be anything from habitual eating to drugs and alcohol.  While this can fill your time, it is also very bad for you.  You should work to get these things out of your life.  If you do have an addiction problem, this is not as easy as you think. You might even start to wonder "how long does withdrawal last?" Fear not, with the proper motivation and support from your family and friends, you will be able to get through it.

Retirement Planning

Beyond the monetary concerns, there is also a need to plan out your weekly and monthly schedules. This brings a sense of recognition to your time and adds purposeful tasks and events that you enjoy. The idea of planning and putting these items in writing will bring back any lost sense of organization. Keeping you on task is a bulk of the work when it comes to utilizing free time. Starting a weekly organizer or posting a calendar that you will view daily is a good visual representation for success.

Planning also equates to your ability to include activities that you might not have done previously. For example, mental health and physical health become two of the major pillars of upkeep. We want to participate in events that keep us sharp in both fields. Trivia nights, bingo halls, card games, and other such mental inclusions can keep us socially healthy while also keeping our brains focused. If you are a little more self-secluded, brain teasers and puzzles are good for keeping our minds on the correct track. These items take a few hours from our day and keep us health-focused.

Eating right is another step to improving physical health as we age past retirement. Our bodies do not break down foods at levels we were once accustomed to, limiting our metabolism and calling for a steady diet of easy to digest foods. Softer items and items that move through the body at a quicker pace are great for picking us up and providing the energy and nutrients we need to get through our day-to-day lives.

​Avoiding Planning

​While planning can be good, you shouldn't overdo it. Some of us have worked hard our entire lives and it has been the only constant we have known. This puts us in a tough spot when retiring. We are often left to wallow within our thoughts, limiting our mental capabilities and getting into a funk. If you do not participate in activities or functions that keep your mental levels sharp, you often fall into an area that is difficult to climb out of. Just like our bodies begin to slow in terms of metabolism, our brain can slow in terms of output. If you allow yourself to succumb to unrealistic thoughts and mindsets, the reductions that follow could be terminal. Keep things upbeat, try as hard as you can to continue to chase achievements and goals, and set the bar to an attainable level. Never run out of ideas or options. Continuously over-schedule yourself so that you know you'll have something to rely on to take up your time. The worst you can do is fill your schedule with so many options that you must choose which one to do and which one to miss during a certain timeframe.
<![CDATA[Keeping Your Family Home For Your Retirement Years]]>Tue, 20 Nov 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/keeping-your-family-home-for-your-retirement-yearsYou've spent the better part of your life taking care of your home. Now, just because your family has grown and moved away, it doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy the comfort of your home along with all of its cherished memories.
In most cases, your empty nest will have much more space than you will need in your retirement years. While it will be nice to have plenty of extra room for when your family visits, you will, for different reasons, want to consider making some necessary changes to your home's layout to make it more conducive to the lifestyle that you plan to maintain on a daily basis. Here are a few things to think about.

​Think about a remodel.

You may want to think about remodeling your home for a variety reasons. Ease of accessibility as well as your extended comfort level should be your main priorities when planning to spend your retirement years in your forever home. 
  • Master bedroom - If your master bedroom is on the second floor of your house, you may want to consider moving it to the first floor. Or, you could hire a contractor to add a master on the ground level. However, when working with a contractor there can be several issues with the contract or project timeline. If that’s the case, it’s best to reach out to a  construction law attorney, such as whose at Bremer Whyte.
  • Kitchen layout - It might be a good idea to hire a professional to take a good look at your kitchen layout. There may be some newer ways to update it and make it more efficient and both easier use and clean. Or, you could consider a little construction to add more space to your existing kitchen area making it more of a liveable area where you can spend more time.
  • Exterior Accessibility - Think about the entrances to your home. Are there a lot of steps? If so, you might want to consider discretely adding ramps. Again, those steps can cause mishaps, especially as you age.
  • Creative Solutions - when you are finally looking into a remodel, find the best people for the job to help come up with the changes you want. Those holding a master of architecture may come up with new and interesting ideas to revolutionize your space in ways you didn’t think were possible. 
Remodeling or updating your home can be as simple or as intricate as you want. It's always best to hire a qualified, experienced contractor to lead in the construction of any of your home projects to make sure you are getting exactly what will need out of your home in the future. 

​Close off part of the house.

​The everyday dusting, cleaning, and vacuuming of a house takes a significant amount of time, especially with a larger home. Chances are, you have a few more rooms in your house now that you are planning to retire and your family is gone. A good way to make cleaning easier is to close different rooms, or, even entire floors. You can close the heating and cooling vents, cover the furniture in sheets to minimize the dust, and not use the rooms at all. And, when it’s time for company, you can easily reopen the room for use. 
These are just a few things to consider to make your home more enjoyable for your retirement years. The main idea is to make your home easier for you to navigate, clean, and be comfortable in. With a little planning, you can easily keep the home that you raised your family in and enjoy being surrounded by all of those treasured memories for as long as you want.
<![CDATA[Non-NSAID Options for Managing Pain]]>Mon, 19 Nov 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/non-nsaid-options-for-managing-pain​Inflammation is the basis for numerous diseases and conditions while also generating pain from arthritis or injury. Pain is a billion dollar industry and anti-inflammatory treatments often offer relief. But what options exist for someone allergic to Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) or otherwise wants to avoid them?

NSAID Side Effects:

  • Stomach Ulcers & Bleeding
  • Allergy
  • Kidney Damage & Disease
  • Heartburn/GERD
  • Hearing Compromise & Tinnitus
  • Cardiovascular Problems & Hypertension

Harvard Researchers have identified numerous anti-inflammatory foods and supplements. NSAIDs gain their effectiveness by blocking enzymes called Cyclooxygenase, often abbreviated Cox-1 & Cox-2. Foods and supplements achieve their anti-inflammatory properties the same way. An anti-inflammatory diet is one rich in Omega-3 fatty acids such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil while avoiding saturated fats and processed foods.

Willow Bark:

​One of the most popular and effective natural anti-inflammatories has been utilized for over 6000 years. Willow bark, "Nature's Aspirin," contains Salicin, which is similar to aspirin, and an effective anti-inflammatory. Several willow bark benefits include:
  • Pain Relief
  • Anti-cancer
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
Willow bark benefits require a dosage of 120-240 mg/day salicin. It is available in tablets, capsules, powder, and liquid. While allergy to NSAIDs is not an immediate contraindication to the use of Willow bark, an allergy to aspirin is. Other contraindications include concurrent use of Oral Anticoagulants, seizure medications, Barbiturates, and other salicylate-containing products.


Turmeric is a spice obtained from the Turmeric plant, often used in Asian foods such as Curry. The root contains a yellow-colored chemical known as curcumin that has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric has been utilized for years for the following:
  • Seasonal Allergies Such as Hay Fever
  • Pain Control for Arthritis and Joint Pain
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Depression
  • High Cholesterol
  • Menstrual Problems
Turmeric is available as a spice; However, most people are unable to consume enough without utilizing a supplement, due to its strong flavor. Caution should be used when considering turmeric with concurrent bleeding problems, gallbladder problems or GERD. High amounts of turmeric may prevent the absorption of iron.

​Is Acetaminophen a Good Option?

Acetaminophen is also known as Tylenol. It is utilized as a pain reliever and fever reducer, for mild to moderate symptoms. What are the pros and cons of acetaminophen? Acetaminophen does not cause the stomach or intestinal ulcers as seen with NSAIDs, such as Aspirin or Ibuprofen. Common side effects of Acetaminophen include:
  • Most Commonly: Rash, Nausea, and Headache.
  • Hypersensitivity reactions.
  • Liver or Kidney Damage.
  • Thrombocytopenia (Reduced number of platelets in the blood).
Acetaminophen has strict dosage recommendations due to potential liver toxicity: 1000 mg per dose with a maximum of 4000 mg within 24 hours. Acetaminophen is often utilized in conjunction with other medications. Caution should be exercised to ensure dosage limitations.

Other Natural Choices:

Anti-inflammatory treatments are sought by many. With serious side effects and allergies limiting their use, people are turning to natural options.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Utilized as part of an anti-inflammatory diet, or as a dietary supplement, fish oils have demonstrated their efficacy. A dosage of 1000mg/day is recommended.
  • Bromelain, an enzyme extracted from the stems of pineapples, has strong anti-inflammatory properties. The daily recommended dose is 1000mg.
  • Ginger, a spice similar to turmeric, with anti-inflammatory components: Gingerol, Shogaol, and Paradol.
The options are numerous; Many choices have been utilized for years. Whether choosing natural options due to an allergy or to prevent unwanted side effects and risks, natural anti-inflammatories are readily accessible.
<![CDATA[Chronic Neck and Back Pain: Natural Relief Ideas]]>Sun, 18 Nov 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/chronic-neck-and-back-pain-natural-relief-ideas​Back and neck pain are very common. This pain can be acute, meaning it started suddenly, or it can be chronic, which means that the same pain has been present for a while. This pain can have a vast array of possible causes, including arthritis, muscle spasms, compression fractures, herniated discs, and obesity. Neck and back pain are sometimes treated with prescription painkillers and even surgery. This article will discuss some possible alternative treatments for chronic neck and back pain that don't involve drugs or surgery.

Try a neck hammock

​This is a simple and ingenious device for figuring out how to relieve a stiff neck both at home and on-the-go. All you need is a sturdy doorway and about 10 minutes of privacy. Simply attach the strings to the doorway, lie down, and place the hammock around the back of your neck. The device relieves pain through the action of traction, which works to relax and stretch the muscles in your neck.

Attend a wellness retreat

​Most modern-day wellness retreats offer natural therapies for chronic pain in a relaxing setting. These treatments may include nutritional support, yoga, massage therapy designed to help realign the body, hikes, herbal supplements, hydrotherapy, and meditation.

Inversion therapy

An inversion table is a device that allows you to safely hang upside down. Inversion therapy helps to relieve chronic neck and back pain by reversing some of the effects of gravity on your body, particularly the spinal column. The spine is constructed of vertebrae, or small bones, and discs. These discs are firm pieces of tissue that act as a cushion between the vertebrae. Discs are firm, yet still flexible. They contain a type of gel in the center. As people age, this gel can begin to solidify, causing the disc to be less effective as a cushion between the vertebrae.

This therapy reduces the pressure normally present on these discs, allowing them to expand and even rehydrate. Blood circulation is improved, too. Inversion tables may also relieve pressure on certain nerves, reducing or relieving pain from this source. While many people find inversion tables to be an effective way to relieve neck and back pain, the relief isn't permanent. Daily use of the inversion table is typically necessary in order to maintain pain relief.


One of the best forms of exercise is a brisk 30-minute walk at least 3 times a week. A regular regimen of walking can help relieve neck and pain in several important ways. Walking strengthens the muscles that help to support your spine. It helps to increase bone density. Walking improves circulation, which helps to bring important nutrients to the spinal area, and it helps to maintain overall body flexibility.

Walking may also encourage the brain to release endorphins. Endorphins are natural brain chemicals that relieve pain and produce feelings of well-being. Walking may help your body to control your neck and back pain naturally.

Some Other Suggestions

​Reduce or eliminate your consumption of refined sugar. Refined sugar encourages inflammation, which can lead to chronic pain in the back, neck, and joints. Limit your intake of alcohol and caffeine, too. Make sure you get enough sleep. Inadequate sleep can lead to a disruption of certain hormones that can lead to increased stress. This stress can cause muscle tension, which in turn produces pain in the neck and back.

You don't have to turn to drugs and surgery to get relief from neck and back pain. You can use what you have learned here today to see if some of these natural methods bring natural, welcome relief from your chronic pain.
<![CDATA[New Year Wellness Tips For Seniors]]>Sat, 17 Nov 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/new-year-wellness-tips-for-seniorsThe time for resolutions is soon upon us all and for seniors, this can be a time to make a switch for the better than can prolong your life if you stick to it. The risk of developing health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer increases with age. For this reason, it's important that seniors take steps to prioritize a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating.

Dietary changes have been shown to reduce the risk of many health issues and can also help seniors remain active and independent throughout their golden years. Mixing in the right foods and supplements to someone’s daily life can make them act, look, and feel decades younger if they remain consistent. Anti-aging products like firming eye cream or wrinkle removal mouthguards can help, but they will work even better when the user is eating the right diet too.

​1. Going Gluten Free

Seniors often experience irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, and other stomach issues such as constipation and diarrhea. Gluten can irritate the stomach and cause an inflammatory response in some people. While going entirely gluten free isn't always necessary unless one has a formal diagnosis of celiac disease, eating a few meals each week with no gluten may help alleviate any stomach symptoms one is experiencing. Oats, rice and other flours can be good substitutes when you want to try gluten free baking. Additionally, there are many pastas that are now made from black beans, chickpeas, or lentils, making it possible to still enjoy pasta night without gluten. 

2. Avoiding Sugar

Refined sugar includes any kind of cane sugar such as white granulated sugar, powdered sugar, brown sugar, and high fructose corn syrup. It is typically found in processed foods such as crackers, yogurt, tomato sauce, ketchup, and salad dressing. These sugars contribute to inflammation in the body and can raise the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular issues. Additionally, frequently having meals that are high in refined sugar can lead to a feeling of lethargy.

To minimize your sugar intake, try to base your meals around fruits, vegetables, and legumes. If buying frozen or pre-packaged meals, make sure to check the sugar content on the nutrition label. As recommended by the American Heart Association, try to aim for less than 24g of sugar each day. In particular, limit the number of boxed cookies and crackers you buy. If you need something sweet, experiment with making your own low-sugar desserts using natural sugars such as coconut sugar or sugar-free alternatives such as stevia and xylitol.

​3. Reduce Saturated and Trans Fat Intake

​Trans fats and saturated fats raise the risk of heart disease and can quickly build up in the arteries, potentially leading to a heart attack or stroke. To limit your intake of these, try to minimize your consumption of fast food and fried foods such as french fries and fried meats. In place of cheese or butter, consider using hummus or non-dairy butter spreads which have less saturated fat. Try substituting mustard instead of mayonnaise.

4. Add Fiber

​Adding fiber to the diet is one of the most effective healthy eating strategies for seniors. It can help in resolving constipation, diarrhea, and other stomach issues that seniors frequently experience due to side effects from medication. Oatmeal, brown rice, black beans, lentils, and avocados are some of the high-fiber foods that can easily be incorporated into a healthy eating plan.

5. Add Magnesium

​Seniors may sometimes have trouble sleeping and experience muscle cramps. Increasing your intake of magnesium can help improve sleep and reduce cramping. Magnesium supplements can help with this, and you can also obtain magnesium from foods such as bananas, almonds, spinach, and tofu.

6. Add Potassium

​Potassium helps lower blood pressure, and having adequate levels of this nutrient may lessen the need for blood pressure medication. While supplementation can help, obtaining this nutrient from food is particularly effective. Consider adding some high-potassium foods to your diet such as broccoli, mushrooms, potatoes, peas, and cucumbers.
<![CDATA[Hobbies for Retirees That Can Help Pay the Bills]]>Fri, 16 Nov 2018 08:00:00 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/hobbies-for-retirees-that-can-help-pay-the-bills​Are you ready to enjoy retirement, but find it difficult due to your finances? You may have a bit of cash coming in from your pension and social security benefits, but it’s not enough to cover your bills, let alone your personal interests and desires. It may seem as though the only answer is to push back your retirement date or to return to the workforce after retirement, however, there are other options. Many adults nearing and in retirement that have turned their hobbies into a means to pay the bills.

Turning a Passion Into a Paycheck

​Before you start filling out applications for minimum wage positions that don’t suit your skills or bring you happiness, perhaps you should consider the idea of turning your passion into a paycheck. Today’s advanced environment makes it easier for adults to become entrepreneurs with very little to invest. Whether you want to do it part-time or on a full-time basis, you can live out your retirement years doing something you enjoy and getting paid for it. Here are some good ideas:

Car Restoration

​If you love classic cars and know a thing or two about fixing or restoring them to their original state you could make a living from it. There are a lot of classic car lovers in the retirement community that would pay you thousands of dollars to bring back vehicles from their past. You can find cars for cheap at a junkyard or an online sales ad and restore them. There are vendors you can purchase car parts and other supplies from online for a good deal. You can buy everything from floor mats and seat covers to new belts and engine parts to enhance the car’s look and performance. Once complete you can sell the vehicle for more than double what you invested.

Arts and Crafts

If you have a love for crafting you can make some side cash during retirement. Whether you knit, crochet, paint, sculpt, make dolls, or design jewelry there’s a considerable amount of cash you can make. If you’re pretty tech-savvy, you can create an online shop to sell your crafts from or place advertisements through classifieds. You can also set up tables at major flea markets or have weekly yard sales to try and get business that way.


They say with age comes wisdom and this knowledge can earn you a decent living. If you have a lot to say about a subject matter, you could become a writer. You can start a blog, write individual pieces for other blogs, write an ebook, a how-to guide, or even create your own fiction or non-fiction book with next to no investment. Writing can be very therapeutic and since content is king of the internet you can rest assured there are several people out there who share the same interests and would read your material.


​Are you good at taking photos? If you enjoy photography, you can turn your passion into a side business. There is always a need for great pictures both on and offline. You can take random photos and sell them to websites and bloggers for use. You could start your own blog about photography, travel, art, or a number of other subjects and use your pictures to gain a following. You might also take pictures of interested parties from babies and pets to couples and family portraits.

You’ve already spent the last few decades of your life working hard to survive and provide. Now that you’ve reached (or are nearing) retirement, it’s time to enjoy it. Instead of going back to a job that serves little purpose or generates minimal income, consider starting your own business or side hustle derived from your hobbies. After you’ve taken care of the groundwork and made the initial investments, you’ll find that making money to fund your retirement is not only easier but a lot more fun than any job you’ve ever had.
<![CDATA[Home Improvement Tips for Smaller Dwellings]]>Thu, 01 Nov 2018 17:23:53 GMThttp://www.retiredbrains.com/blog/home-improvement-tips-for-smaller-dwellingsWhile getting the most square footage possible remains at the top of many people’s lists when they want to buy a home, a growing trend focuses on the benefits of smaller units. In addition to changing preferences of first-time homeowners compared to those in previous generations, the rising popularity of smaller homes can be attributed to increased demand for the limited space in urban areas as well as the price constraints imposed by stricter borrowing standards.

Smaller homes will inevitably demand some creative decorating and renovating on the part of the homeowners. Fortunately there are a number of ways to make the most of limited space without cutting off the comfort your dwelling should provide:

Embrace big

It’s counterintuitive, but deciding when it’s appropriate to go big is important when making improvements to a smaller dwelling. For instance, the master bedroom should have a big bed with plush comforters and pillows to match. The relatively large size of the room and limited opportunity to put much else in there means an imposing bed provides a proven anchor for a few smaller pieces to center around. Likewise, don’t be afraid to put a big sofa in the living room. Opting for smaller furniture in order to open up a few feet of space will be a disappointing trade off considering most people aren’t doing much in the living besides sitting down.

Modern Technology Appliances

​Focus on maximizing the use of limited spaces by upgrading to high-quality, modern technology equipment or appliances. For instance, you may consider installing a pair of drawer dishwashers instead of a standard drop-down in order to avoid having to make room for the door with expanded floor space. Likewise, take advantage of shelving in bathrooms to optimize accessibility without infringing on the existing tight fit.

Get low

Smaller homes tend to have lower hanging ceilings. To counteract the potential for claustrophobia, use low-sitting furniture. This can apply to bed frames as well. When people enter a room with a low-ceiling with equally low-lying furniture, they are less likely to notice a difference compared to rooms with standard ceiling heights.

Let there be light

Lighting is an especially important factor in small home design, primarily because there is little room for error. As far as windows go, the fewer the better, but only if they are large. In other words, each room will only have space for one or two windows, so they should be allowing as much natural light in as possible. For rooms with limited sun exposure throughout the day, a well-placed central ceiling light fixture is crucial.

Multi-purpose matters

Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about multifunctional elements and their importance in small home design. Futons, fold-outs, desk-to-tables, shelved room dividers, and storage-friendly coffee tables are just some of the multi-purpose furniture pieces to consider incorporating into your small home design.

​Home buying has traditionally revolved around getting as much space for your money as possible, but an increasing number of first-time homebuyers are choosing smaller-sized dwellings. Fortunately there are ways to get the most out of smaller homes.