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Enjoy a vacation while doing good.

Volunteer Expeditions for adventurous retirees
(2 weeks up to a year)

Big Beyond facilitates ethical volunteer placements in rural Africa for adventurous individuals looking for experiences far beyond the norm, off the beaten path and the chance to truly immerse in another culture. They currently run project sites in Uganda, Malawi and Ethiopia. They're all located next to national parks and you'll work hand-in-hand with the friendly adjacent communities to integrate the conservation and socio-economic development objectives of the local area. They’re looking for a diverse range of motivated volunteers to join the team from just two weeks up to 12 months and work across a range of exciting high-impact community projects covering areas such as education, enterprise, environment, culture and health. Volunteer placements are always tailored to your skills, interests, level of experience and physical abilities, as well as the needs of the local community. It's the chance to take your knowledge, experiences and energy to people and places that truly value your contribution, but it's also a great way to learn just as much as you give, build memories of a lifetime and be inspired about new possibilities.

Big Beyond volunteer placements are well-organized, full-board expeditions and there is a program fee to join their teams in Africa. Program fees are priced from $1595 and include all accommodation, food, in-country transfers, local transport, pre-trip prep pack, orientation and training, and excellent on the ground project management, 24/7 support, local SIM card, internet access. The program fee does not include international flights or visas. Visit for more info.

Organizations like Earthwatch Institute
offer the opportunity to go to the Amazon and explore by riverboat.
These trips include helping to save the endangered leatherback turtles on the beaches of Costa Rica.
Biosphere Expeditions, is a non-profit
which helps bridge the gap between the scientific community and lay
people who are interested in contributing to a wildlife preservation.

Even sites like provides information and links
to vacation destinations where you can perform volunteer activities.

Volunteer Vacations
Websites for volunteer travel:
Amizade Global Service-Learning, 
Global Volunteers, 
Greenheart Travel, 
Next Step Travel, National Peace Corps Association, 
In 2012 Next Step Travel, a department of the National Peace Corps Association, introduced volunteer vacations to Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Participants ranged in age from 44 to 77.

“Volunteer Vacations: Short-Term Adventures That Will Benefit You and Others,” by Bill McMillon, Doug Cutchins, Anne Geissinger (Chicago Review)
“Volunteer: A Traveler’s Guide to Making a Difference Around the World,” by Charlotte Hindle, Nate Cavalieri and Rachel Collinson (Lonely Planet)
“The 100 Best Volunteer Vacations to Enrich Your Life,” by Pam Grout (National Geographic Society).

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