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Boomers, Seniors, Retirees: Search for Jobs

Search jobs using TempAndPartTimeJobs

1. Click here and enter the appropriate job descriptive information in the keywords box, location box and search radius box.

 2. If you wish you can search by job title only by clicking search job title only.

 3. You may also search by company, exact phrase or by category.

 4. Once you have registered you can set a job alert so the system will notify you when an appropriate job is posted. You can do this as part of a search just by running any job search and then click the “Save Search” button at the top of the search results. 

Doing this will result in a pop up box display which allows you to name your saved search (for example, “Sales jobs in Chicago”) and set the frequency you would like to receive the email alerts of any jobs that match your criteria.  You can choose to have the alerts emailed to you on a daily or weekly basis.  If you would rather log back into your account to check on the results than receive an email, you can select never from the drop down menu.

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Find jobs that match your interests, expertise and geographic location.

SnagajobSign up for email job alerts on Snagajob has thousands of full-time, part-time and temporary jobs, and they're adding new jobs every day. By registering you will be notified anytime a job that matches the criteria you entered comes into their system. This is a free service.

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Many delaying their retirement and take temporary or part time jobs.
82% of working Americans over 50 say it is at least somewhat likely they will work for pay in retirement, according to a poll by the Associated Press.  The survey found that 47% of those working now expect to retire later than they previously thought. Additional surveys have shown that temporary and part-time jobs and seasonal work are a great deal easier to find than a full-time job. 

Jobs are Available
According to an article in Staffing Management 29% of employers have hired workers age 50 or older for permanent positions within their organizations over the last 6 months.

Of those mature workers who found new employment, 26% took a job in another field, 48% took a pay cut, but 40% landed positions with similar pay and another 13% found jobs with a higher compensation rate.

Seasonal Jobs
Employers have listed seasonal jobs from working during the holidays, working as a movie extra, providing tours at the zoo, working at ski resorts, state parks, cruise lines, etc.. Click Here  This will show you jobs across the U.S. Then if you wish to search locally by entering your city in the keywords box to limit your search.

The IRS has many seasonal jobs available. Visit their site to view them.

Another place to find a seasonal job in some of the more interesting places is at Cool Works®.  Click here to reach this site. This site offers thousands of jobs in great places.  More and more boomers, seniors and retirees are working seasonally. CoolWorks also has a job listing page specifically for older job seekers searching for seasonal jobs. The employers listed on these pages welcome the 'over-traditional-age' seasonal job seeker. Their summer seasonal opportunities are awesome.

If you are looking for unique opportunities you'll find them.  There are winter jobs at ski resorts, at lodges, ranches and resorts and on tour boats, work as a cook, in reception, as a guide, etc.
You'll find jobs in national parks working for the concessionaires who run the hotels, restaurants, gift shops and marinas. There are jobs throughout Alaska working at resorts, fishing & hunting lodges and for transportation and tourism companies as well.

A great way to learn about what it's like to work seasonally is talk to those that have done it. On the CoolWorks social network  you'll find a great group of more mature workers with information about working seasonally who are happy to share what they have learned and experienced with you.  You can create your personal profile and then join the group to learn the inside scoop.

 If you consider yourself an "older worker" and are looking for a seasonal job CoolWorks provides a list of employers that are interested in you. Of course there are hundreds of jobs listed for younger job seekers too.

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9 Tips to Help You Find a Job

  1. Register with temp firms in your local area as they don't care about age but are more interested in your skills and experience. Also if you get work through a temp firm it helps build your resume for future work assignments.
  2. Try to get an interview with an employer that is not necessarily your first choice to practice your interviewing skills. You don't want to go to your first interview in a long time with the employer you are really interested in working for and make easily correctable mistakes.
  3. Consider having your resume re-written or updated by an expert as the resume you used years ago is no longer appropriate.
  4. Search for a job in areas that connect older workers with employers seeking to hire them. Go to Search for a Job and enter the job title or type of job in the keywords box.  Then enter your location and the radius you wish to search.  You can also just search the job title nationally by checking the "search job title only" box. 
  5. Look for temporary and part-time jobs or project assignments as they are much more available than full-time jobs.
  6. When applying for a job tell the employer you are willing to start working as a consultant or on a project basis; this often gives you a leg up on younger workers or are often unable to accept this kind of employment. Temporary employment or working on a consultative basis can often lead to full-time work.
  7. Get information on the prospective employer prior to your interview. For example contact someone who works for this employer who attended the same school you went to saying. "Hi. You and I went to the same school but graduated at different times. I'm interviewing for a position in your firm later this week and, before I meet with the hiring manager, I would like to test out a couple questions I have about the firm on you and see what you think the answers might be." (Later, ask if you can use their name as an employee referral).
  8. Look at companies with fewer than 500 employees as employers of this size have created 64% of the new U.S. jobs even though they employ just 55% of the private sector work force according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  9. Volunteer with a charity or non-profit. Although in most cases there is little or no monetary compensation, it is often excellent experience and can possibly lead to employment with a firm that is seeking that particular experience or appreciates your work ethic. It is also easier to find employment while you are working as you have a better mind set. Looking for a job on a full-time basis is not a very rewarding experience.

Top Jobs for the Over 50 Crowd

Job Description

Median Pay

Job Growth

Nonprofit Executive



Patient Representative



Financial Adviser



Public School Teacher



Appraiser (Residential Real Estate)



College Professor



IRA Specialist



Labor Relations Manager



Leasing Consultant






Medical Records Coding Technician



Department Retail Sales Manager



Retail Sales Staff



Staff Nurse (RN)



Tax Accountant II






Celebrant/Religious Leader



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