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Jobs for Retired Police Officers has a search engine to assist retiring and retired law enforcement professionals in their job search. Click on the "get started" button below to go to the job search area. Then click on location and on the state you wish to search.

get startedGo to the keywords area and enter any city along with the job title you wish to search like, investigator, fraud, security officer, security screener, security supervisor, security consultant, drug screener, fraud investigator, school safety director/officer/commander, body guard, etc., which you can couple or use with additional search terms by industry like insurance, transportation, consulting. You can also use terms like contractor, specialist, analyst, director, manager, associate, etc.

A search just using the term "security" alone showed many thousands of jobs that were posted; however many were in the financial securities area and needed to separated out.

After the badge othere job titles you might consider searching:


Additional jobs and their descriptions are included at the bottom of this page.

The search engine will display all the appropriate jobs in the city you enter along with the job title you include in the keywords box. You can also include the words part time or temporary to further modify your search should these kinds of assignments be of interest.

Note that under the keywords box there is a place to check "only search position title" should you wish to search by job title only.

The jobs that our search engine reveals are first the ones posted to appeal to older workers and then it lists jobs from all job boards including, CareerBuilder, association sites, small niche job boards and corporate Websites. These jobs are "scraped" by so you are seeing virtually all the jobs posted just about anywhere.

You may have to do a dozen or more searches to find the right job in the geographic area(s) you are searching. You can save any search so you don't have to do it over again.

You can also set a job alert to be notified if a job comes into the system that matches your experience, qualifications and geographic preference.

Please understand that our search engine can only use the information employers place in their job postings. As a result a number of the jobs you will see do not match the search criteria you enter.

There are no costs or fees to use the site to search for a job, set a job alert, register on the site, post your resume or access information.


Should you need assistance in writing or editing your resume there is a section devoted to this area.

Click below for more information and to see samples of resumes and cover letters.

You can create an account and post your resume by clicking on this link so employers who regularly search our data base can find you.

Other jobs & their descriptions

A search at the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics for related occupations to law enforcement found the following:

Computer forensic investigators specialize in recovering,analyzing, and presenting data from computers for use in investigations or as evidence. They determine the details of intrusions into computer systems, recover data from encrypted or erased files, and recover e-mails and deleted passwords.

Legal investigators assist in preparing criminal defenses, locating witnesses, serving legal documents, interviewing police and prospective witnesses, and gathering and reviewing evidence. Legal investigators also may collect information on the parties to a litigation, take photographs, testify in court, and assemble evidence and reports for trials. They often work for law firms or lawyers.

Corporate investigators conduct internal and external investigations for corporations. In internal investigations, they may investigate drug use in the workplace, ensure that expense accounts are not abused, or determine whether employees are stealing assets, merchandise, or information. External investigations attempt to thwart criminal schemes from outside the corporation, such as fraudulent billing by a supplier. Investigators may spend months posing as employees of the company in order to find misconduct.

Financial investigators may be hired to develop confidential financial profiles of individuals or companies that are prospective parties to large financial transactions. These investigators often are certified public accountants (CPAs) who work closely with investment bankers and other accountants. They also might search for assets in order to recover damages awarded by a court in fraud or theft cases.

Detectives who work for retail stores or hotels are responsible for controlling losses and protecting assets. Store detectives, also known as loss prevention agents, safeguard the assets of retail stores by apprehending anyone attempting to steal merchandise or destroy store property. They prevent theft by shoplifters, vendor representatives, delivery personnel, and store employees. Store detectives also conduct periodic inspections of stock areas, dressing rooms, and rest rooms, and sometimes assist in opening and closing the store. They may prepare loss prevention and security reports for management and testify in court against people they apprehend. Hotel detectives protect guests of the establishment from theft of their belongings and preserve order in hotel restaurants and bars. They also may keep undesirable individuals, such as known thieves, off the premises.

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