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free employment assistance for retirees

Free Employment Assistance for Boomers, Seniors, & Retirees

Search for a job using Snag-a-Job
To search thousands of jobs in the areas in which you have an interest click one of the links below.  Fill in the location you wish to search for in the “where” field.

You can screen down and click on the kind of industry or choose an employer or job title. Screens will also list all the states in which jobs can be found.

            Temporary Jobs
            Part-time Jobs
            Seasonal Jobs
            Project Based Jobs
            Full-time Jobs

Must read MarketWatch article 14 Tips and Resources for Finding Work in Retirement. 
Very much appropriate for workers of all ages.

More and more Americans are working in temporary and part-time jobs.                                                      
These are the kinds of assignments employers are seeking to fill.

And more Americans are putting off retirement Surveys show that almost 60% of workers 60 and older plan to delay their retirement. The primary reason for this delay, most say, is they can’t afford to retire.  The next most important reason according to the survey is the need for health insurance and other benefits.

Most who continue to work follow one of several paths.

  1. They go on working for the company they have been with in some capacity: full-time, part-time, flex-time or on a project or seasonal basis.

  2. They find temporary or part-time jobs with other employers.

  3. They find a legitimate work at home opportunity.

  4. They start their own business enterprise.

Information in this section has been researched to help those looking to find employment or continue earning some income during their retirement years as well as those who just do not wish to retire and want to keep their mind and body busy.

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